About Us

Who is Cloud Control Media?

“To be great – requires an absolute obsession and focus on your core business. That is what we do. That is what you should do.” – Cloud Control Media Founder Casey Cook, on why companies should outsource their online marketing.

CloudControlMedia is a performance based digital marketing firm. We work with advertisers that spend 10k monthly up to 10M monthly- advertisers who want to know exactly what they are getting back for every dollar they spend online. We are VERY particular regarding who we accept as clients.

We focus on the bottom of the funnel, where you acquire customers. Measurement. Data, optimization. Accountability. These are the words we love. Ask us, “What will get back for every dollar I spend in advertising?” It is our humble opinion that you should not entrust your business to any digital marketer who cannot quantitatively answer that question.

The internet is a dazzling math problem ready to be solved. And the answers mean ROI for you. Online marketing is not a part time job for the inexperienced. The internet is an easy place to lose money, and a complicated, but your #1 place, to add profits.