Confused by all of the technical terms in programmatic advertising? Don’t be. Our expert operations team can navigate the technology that powers your campaigns. By leveraging sophisticated, machine-learning algorithms, our solution places relevant ad content in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in your business without charging sky-high CPMs. We also use advanced fraud-monitoring capabilities, ensuring that more of your media dollars are spent on real consumers, not robots.

See how our real-time bidding platform can drive advertising effectiveness.


1 People. We are a technology-focused company, but algorithms are useless without strategy experts. We connect savvy digital marketing veterans with best-in-class technology to deliver media campaigns that work.

2 Data. With a pedigree in digital analytics, Cloud Control can help glean insights and trends among the consumers who are most engaged in your brand. Our partnerships with third-party data providers allow us to find consumers who are most similar to your brand followers and secure inventory on the sites that they most frequently browse.

3 Efficiency. A recent Forrester study found that 79% of advertisers placed programmatic ad buys within the last year. We bring programmatic technology to businesses of all different sizes, enabling you to secure premium ad inventory without premium pricing.

4 Results. Happy clients are repeat clients. That’s why we obsess over our partners’ key performance indicators. Our results-oriented approach eliminates wasteful ad spending and focuses on what is best for your business.