What is SEM?

Each day consumers search specifically for your product or service. What better signal of intent could exist? Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a favored channel for results-oriented marketers because of these insight signals. Unfortunately, SEM is also highly competitive as other businesses seek the same consumers.

Many SEM pitches sound mind-numbingly similar, with claims of the best bidders or inflated performance expectations. We pride ourselves on something different — experience.

Among our ranks, we include:

  • The heads of SEM strategy for two of Google’s top 10 annual media spenders.
  • The former lead analyst for a Fortune-500 airline.
  • An operations team that has effectively managed hundreds of millions of dollars in SEM budgets since the year 2000.

Our mission is to share our senior scientists’ expertise with companies of all sizes, ranging from a few thousand dollars per month to much more. Contact us about a complimentary SEM review to see how we can help you acquire customers.