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CloudControlMedia: Increasing Enrollments with AI Technology

Increase your leads, applications, and enrollments with AI power from CloudControlMedia
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    AI in Action

    CloudControlMedia (CCM) combines artificial and human intelligence to achieve amazing results for our clients. US college enrollments have finally experienced an uptick. But while those universities celebrated a 2% gain this fall, our clients saw an average enrollment growth of 29%!

    See how we improved lead quality and increased applications and enrollments

    AI-Driven Enrollments

    Increase applications using the same marketing budget

    Discover which channels and campaigns will produce enrollments

    Find qualified leads that turn into students who enroll and graduate

    The CloudControlMedia Team Works For You

    Digital Marketing Experts

    The CloudControlMedia team leverages a variety of digital marketing channels and AI technologies to attract, engage, qualify, and enroll more students. Choose from a full range of services:

    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Content Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Creative
    team discussing social media strategy

    CloudControlMedia Platform: Make Better Media Buying Decisions

    An AI-powered proprietary platform, CCMP puts real-time data and actionable analytics in your hands to take the guesswork out of buying media across publishers and channels. CCMP provides a truly agnostic analysis of your digital media purchases. It organizes, ranks, and optimizes lead sources to gather repeatable insights to stay on pace, make accurate predictions, and improve results. It helps you target more effectively, spend efficiently, and increase enrollments at an improved ROI.

    In the hands of the savvy CloudControlMedia operators, CCMP is a gamechanger that pulls back the curtain on media buys and enables you to find the right students at the right time in their decision-making journey—and induce them to enroll.

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