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Redefining the art of digital marketing science

To elevate your higher education programs


CloudControlMedia delivers a full suite of digital marketing services, powered by a team dedicated to delivering for your organization. We are data obsessed and results driven. From PPC and lead generation to SEO and CRO, our services fuel your growth  


CCMP, our digital analytics and performance marketing platform, improves lead quality, optimizes spending and increases the efficiency of your marketing programs. Our platform delivers visibility and transparency into allocation decisions. We don’t believe in spending without results. 

Higher Education

Our team has decades of combined experience in digital marketing for higher education. We make the right connections to boost enrollment, of not just any students, but the right students, driving success for students, programs, and institutions

Our clients see an average enrollment increase of 24%

Work With Us

We Help You Grow

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?
Our people and platform are here to help change the way you attract prospects to your programs.

Is this your day to day?

  • Being asked to grow with a limited budget
  • Getting bested in Google and Facebook by competition
  • Marketing in silos with data in multiple places
  • Paying for duplicate leads and don’t know if the leads are good
  • Incomplete attribution picture due to disparate data
  • Can’t tell how campaigns are performing relative to each other

Envision a better way:

  • Exceed enrollment expectations with precision targeting and ongoing optimization
  • Consolidate data in a single trustworthy view
  • Deduplicate leads and understand lead quality through sale
  • Stack rank campaigns based on channel performance
  • Optimize media spend based on enrollment and sales data

Extraordinary Results

We connect people with opportunities, fueling growth and driving success for our clients.


265% Increase in Links

Improving search visibility to drive program growth


$3M in annual cost savings

Eliminating costly duplicate leads


30% YoY Growth

Expanding enrollments without expanding budget


+131% Increase in Google Leads YoY

CCM boosted lead volume and quality even as our client underwent a complete rebrand

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