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CVR lift

CCM reconsidered the digital ecosystems, redesigned landing pages, and increased conversion rates and enrollments.

Improve Landing Pages to Boost Enrollments


University with a robust online division in need of increased enrollments

Services Provided

SEM, Social Media Advertising, Programmatic Ad Purchasing, Creative Services, Conversion Rate Optimization, Analytics and Reporting, Traditional Media

A venerable university with a century-long history of providing higher education programs on campus was looking to boost enrollments to its online division through paid media campaigns. But its agency wasn’t up to the task. The investment the institution made was being squandered because there was no link from initial leads to down-funnel enrollment data.

CloudControlMedia was hired to build a strategy and campaigns that could not only increase overall lead volume, but also improve what mattered most to the school: online enrollments.

We had great results this recruiting cycle. We enrolled 176 students on a budget of 150. And our flake rate was the lowest it has been all year at 22%, indicating high-quality leads from CCM's efforts. Thank you for your partnership in helping us exceed our enrollment goals again this term!”

AVP, Marketing and Communications, Private University


Our client was running paid search campaigns but seeing lackluster results. Their agency had not considered the full digital landscape nor performed data analysis and optimizations. The results were repeated semesters of costly leads that didn’t convert and missed enrollment goals.


CloudControlMedia immediately recognized that there was a disconnect between ad and landing page copy and that many best practices were being overlooked. We redesigned the landing pages, reconsidered user intent, and used the CloudControlMedia Platform to look at down-funnel results.


  • Improved Google Quality Score
  • Increase in lead volume
  • Improved conversion rates by 52%
  • 59% boost in enrollments at the next semester start

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