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CCM improved SEO to increase impressions, links and search features like “featured snippets”

Rise to the Top of Google


Unique nonprofit university that challenges conventions and creates positive change

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For more than a century this university has encouraged students to challenge convention to effect positive change through academics, art, and design. With such a solid brand identity, they were stymied as to why their program pages weren’t showing up at the very top of Google search. No one offers what they do the way they do it. And yet lesser programs from schools that wouldn’t come close to them in the real world were outperforming them on search. How was that even possible?

With previous platforms, we were never able to import files...putting in allocations is a lot easier...overall the performance of our campaigns has been good. Last year we had more apps for our department than ever before.

D.M.Private Online University


Although our client has a well-known brand and is recognized for its unique programs and graduate outcomes, they wanted to more consistently rank at the top of Google. Especially for selected programs, they wanted to own the top spots in search.


CloudControlMedia worked closely with the school to fully understand the search intent of prospective students. We conducted extensive research to improve keyword strategy, optimize program pages and blog posts, and add appropriate titles, headers, and descriptions. Then, we implemented structured data and tracked and measured results.


  • 20,000 more impressions in just the first 10 days
  • 265% increase in links to their site
  • Increased appearance in search features including 86 Featured Snippets, 250 appearances in the Knowledge Panel and 261 in the People Also Ask

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