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The CloudControlMedia Platform: Turn Data into Profits

View budgeting in one place
Track campaign pacing for all channels in real time
Geotarget audiences and monitor trends for optimal media buys
Increase your digital performance marketing results with CCMP

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    Are you ready to seize the power of data?

    Utilizing CCMP, you can segment your audience for optimal targeting, invest strategically against your KPIs, achieve costs savings, and improve your marketing ROI. CCMP’s powerful analytical core allows you to reach highly-segmented consumer groups with unparalleled cross-channel visibility, performance, transparency, optimization, and right-pricing.

    CCMP can increase your inquiries, sales, profits, and customers.

    Find More Prospects

    See an average of 24%
    increase in lead volume

    Improve Lead Quality

    Improve down-funnel lead quality,
    increase sales, and improve ROI

    Optimize Your Spend

    Save an average of 25%
    on digital marketing spend

    CCMP: Turn Data into Profits

    Revolutionize Your Digital Media Buying

    The CCMP digital media buying platform puts powerful real-time data and actionable analytics in your hands. It is a licensed performance marketing platform supported by a dedicated team of analysts, data scientists and yield managers. Put the power of data in your hands.

    • Increase your yield and profitability by 30%
    • Manage all your digital media spend in multiple verticals through a single platform
    • Follow users on their full journey from click to conversion to sale
    • Set long-term goals and KPIs, measure the results, and continually optimize
    • Stack rank sub campaigns based on cost-per-sale or profitability
    • Increase reporting efficiency and transparency
    • Save an average of 24% in media costs
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    Select custom parameters
    Follow distribution by inquiry date
    Export your work in seconds to save time
    Access real-time tracking platform data that connects to back-end CRM info
    Link all campaign channels into the CCMP dashboard for real time data

    Stack-Ranking Media Channels

    CCMP considers the entire customer journey and stack ranks digital media campaigns to help you determine the best performers and channels and invest your marketing dollars wisely.

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    CCMP allows you to achieve your big picture goals by using granular knowledge to choose the digital marketing buying strategies that will produce results. From channel to campaign to keyword, CCMP lets you see what works and what doesn’t. And this means you spend more efficiently and see a better overall ROI.

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    CCMP’s Key Performance Indicators are fully customizable to your needs. User-friendly dashboards offer multi-channel attribution models and custom form posting instructions based on your goals and priorities.

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