Eliminate Duplicate & Invalid Leads 3

$3M + Cost Savings

A unique private university with online and on-campus programs in entertainment media and emerging technologies wanted to increase leads, applications, and enrollments. However, its existing technology couldn’t effectively identify invalid and duplicate leads. They were often paying for the same record multiple times. Admissions worked the same leads over and over.

To remedy the duplicate lead dilemma, the school had team members manually identify duplicates and other invalid leads. It was an arduous process that involved finding, requalifying, and merging duplicates into a single clean, master record. It wasted time and money and diverted the talents of the Admissions team away from enrollments.


To solve the problem of duplicate leads, our client needed to manually pull, verify, and block duplicate records and other invalid leads. Representing inefficient resource allocation, the process was nonetheless critical.

Duplicate leads can lead to fewer enrollments, poor morale among the Admissions team, and damage to the institution’s brand.


integrated our proprietary platform into the client’s CRM and employed the scrub analysis feature to automatically find and block duplicate leads. The tool also helped the university find and filter out other invalid leads.


  • $279,000 savings per month
  • More than $3 million annually
  • Better engagement between Admissions and prospective students
  • Improved institutional reputation
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