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Embrace the Power of Data with Customized Marketing Analytics 

Analytics and Reporting

To measure performance-based marketing campaigns, you need accurate data, in-depth analysis, and the expertise to synthesize the information into actionable strategies. That’s what you get from CloudControlMedia. With the proprietary performance marketing technology of the CloudControlMedia Platform (CCMP), we assess your marketing campaigns, tie them directly to results, and continually optimize for performance and scale. Marketing analytics from this cutting-edge tool provides us with deep visibility into all your media channels including paid search; organic search; digital display advertising; social media; email marketing; radio, and television. And with this trove of data, we can report results to you on:

  • Analysis of customer lifecycle and timing of key milestones 
  • Creative performance reporting  
  • Costs per conversions 
  • Spend by 
    • Campaign 
    • Product
    • Platform
    • Location
  • Weekly performance reporting broken out by day 
  • CRM integration to ad platform metrics  
  • End of month media plan reports and analysis 
  • Ad hoc and custom reports as needed  

Utilizing CCMP, we can segment your audience for optimal targeting, invest strategically against your KPIs, achieve costs savings, and improve your marketing ROI. Are you ready to seize the power of data and partner with a marketing agency that will help you achieve your goals? Give the experts at CloudControlMedia a call today. 

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