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YoY growth

CCM unseated an existing agency to deliver online enrollments that beat the university’s YoY term goals

Expand Enrollments Without Expanding Your Budget


Nonprofit university with online programs

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A venerable institution with more than a century-old foundation was looking to grow its online programs. But semester after semester, its digital marketing agency wasn’t able to meet the school’s goals. Then the online team was given a directive from above to quickly grow enrollments by 10 percent, but the powers-that-be wouldn’t provide any additional marketing budget. How produce more without more investment? This was a true test—and one their existing agency couldn’t pass.

With previous platforms, we were never able to import files...putting in allocations is a lot easier...overall the performance of our campaigns has been good. Last year we had more apps for our department than ever before.

D.M.Private Online University


Poor lead quality and increased lead-to-enroll rates were creating a disheartened Admissions team with an uphill battle. Then, they were given an immediate directive to grow enrollments by at least 10% with no additional marketing budget. Yikes!


The CloudControlMedia team was called in to replace the existing agency. Leveraging our proprietary technology, we worked our analytical magic to unearth underperforming campaigns and wasted spend across Search, Social and Pay-Per-Lead channels. We shifted budget and began further optimizations while also scoring leads for the Admissions team so they could focus on the highest quality.


Surpassed Enrollment Goals:

  • 26% YoY increase in fall enrollments
  • 30% YoY increase in spring enrollments
  • Proved value of marketing so freeze was lifted and university
    increased budget by 24%

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