Our philosophies

Cultivate Avodah
January 7, 2017
Avodah, a beautiful ancient Hebrew word. It means many things throughout ancient scripture including work, worship, service, craftsmanship and ministry. Avodah encompasses every aspect of hu...
Flee Negativity
January 6, 2017
Negative words and attitudes are cancers to a flourishing organization.  Click here to read Casey Cook’s publication on the importance of fleeing negativity….
January 1, 2017
We find organizations with a culture that promotes collaboration are a lot of fun to work with.  We believe in partnerships.  You never know when shaking your eggs with others can lead to a
Balance Rejection
December 31, 2016
One of our pillars at CCM is to celebrate that sometimes we are not the right fit for our client. For every “No” that we receive, we understand that we are one step closer to our next partne
Practice Humility
December 29, 2016
We do our best to put our clients, and each other, before ourselves. We will never attain success at what we do unless we commit to making you the most successful company you can be.
Human Flourishing
December 29, 2016
We believe our job description is to promote human flourishing.  At CloudControlMedia, our dominion extends to the clients we have earned, and thus to our clients consumers.  If we do our wo