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Are You Squandering Your Digital Media Investment?

Pay-per-click campaigns can be a critical component to effective marketing and student recruitment. Through targeted reach, strategic campaign development, tight cost control, and continual optimization, you can achieve impressive results that fight against the enrollment cliff. Find out if yours measures up.

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    Check Out the Results We Achieved for This Texas University

    Our client surpassed their enrollment goals!

    With a directive to quickly grow fall enrollments for online programs by 30% for a new client, CloudControlMedia conducted a paid media audit. Based on its findings, we restructured all digital campaigns, allocations, and landing page experiences.
    Through the proprietary CloudControlMedia Platform, we analyzed all campaigns and channels against one another to optimize Search, Social and Pay-Per-Lead channels, shifting budget to campaigns with the best cost-per-enrollment and highest ROI.
    YoY Enrollment Increase in Fall 1
    YoY Enrollment Increase in Fall 2
    CloudControlMedia can assess your digital media campaigns.

    We offer a comprehensive review that looks at several PPC components including:

    • Campaign Setup: Poor structure can harm performance and waste spend.
    • Keyword Selection: The wrong keywords can lead to lower click-through rates, higher costs-per-click, and lower quality scores.
    • Geo-targeting: Effective targeting improves relevance, cost efficiency, competitiveness, and conversions.
    • Efficiency: Inefficient campaigns waste budget, raise your costs-per-enrollment, and lower your overall return on investment.
    • Tracking: Without proper tracking, you can’t evaluate performance, optimize and test campaigns, or manage your budget.
    • Lead Validation: Invalid leads can inflate conversion metrics, waste budget, and impact traffic quality.
    • Landing Page Alignment: Poor ad-to-page alignment can impact ad position, lower quality score, and waste budget.
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    Whether you run search, display, or social media ads, CloudControlMedia can ensure that your institution appears in front of your future students and ahead of competitor schools. Discover how.