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From brainstorming sessions to in-depth research and synthesis, AI can be a gamechanger for digital content creation, increasing volume, improving quality, and operationalizing tactics. When you leverage large language models like ChatGPT, Claude, and Bard, you can increase productivity and free up time for more strategic initiatives. Are you using the tools for content marketing? Check out these 7 ways to use generative AI to create digital marketing content: 

Use AI to Brainstorm Content Marketing

Particularly if your team produces a significant amount of content each month, coming up with new ideas can be a daunting task. You want to find a new spin on an old topic, but for the last decade or so, you’ve marked calendar milestones with some unintentionally trite messaging. After all, there’s only so many ways you can say New Year, new you.   

But what if you had a team member whose sole job was to come up with new ideas? To be creative, fun, to push boundaries, while still staying true to your brand? With a clear objective, some general info about your company, and specifics about your audience, generative AI can quickly produce tons of topics. Whether you’re considering a new product launch or just want to write a blog post that connects your products or services to relevant searches, AI can help. 

Simplify the Complicated Content Marketing Tasks with AI

It doesn’t matter the vertical, to someone somewhere, something that you do is very difficult for them to grasp. You’re in it every day so you don’t see the barriers to comprehension. After all, it’s not rocket science. On the other hand, if it is, AI can translate even that high tech science into the kind of English that almost anyone can understand. Just paste the techno jargon into the tool and ask: Can you please explain this to me as if I were a fifth-grader? 

Use AI to Summarize Content

Sometimes you have the great idea, plenty of relevant resources, and the ability to craft the content. What you don’t have is time! Use AI to turn 30-page documents into 500-word summaries with the most saliant details encapsulated into easy-to-read format. This isn’t just a great content creation tool; it’s also a great tool to use for sales pitch prep or new vertical exploration. Imagine becoming an expert at what a prospect does without spending a week reading every industry article ever written about them? 

Create AI Content Marketing Outlines

Generative AI can produce bulleted outlines from long-form resources and academic writings that can help you organize your thoughts and prioritize what you need to say. Connect those outlines with goal-driven content and an overarching strategy, and you can produce content that will perform well in search, social, email, and paid media campaigns. And it literally performs the task in seconds. 

Home In on Your Audience with AI

No one knows more about your customers than you do. Whether you sell them roofing, bathtubs, or an advanced degree in biometrics, you know your audience better than anyone else. But teaching everyone in your organization exactly who they are and what they like and why it matters can be a painstaking process. Give them proof and personas. AI can gather real data and anecdotal evidence to create personas that will help you better target, locate, and engage with people who are most likely to be a good fit to the products or services you provide. AI can be an unbiased barometer of the real world and what really matters for your organization. And you can use its insights to better customize content. 

Optimize for Search with AI

Imagine two robots talking to one another in their own robot language. When you ask an AI tool to consider keywords, search intent, and ranking in a review phase of your content, you increase the likelihood that what you produce will check the boxes of the Google algorithm. AI can help identify and analyze relevant keywords for a particular topic or industry. By understanding user search behavior, AI can incorporate keywords that are more likely to drive traffic and improve ranking. Paid AI tools that are connected to today’s internet can also keep up with search engine algorithms, allowing your SEO strategy to evolve in response. 

Analyze Results and Improve Content Marketing Performance

AI can also be an important tool for analysis and optimization. At a core level, AI can examine existing content and make recommendations for improvement. But because AI allows you to produce more content, it’s also easier to generate variations for A/B testing on such metrics as engagement and conversions. Generative AI can also scan comments, reviews, and social media mentions to analyze user sentiment and help you adjust your content to better satisfy the needs of your audience. And generative AI can analyze large datasets to identify patterns and trends that you can’t see through your own analytics and create predictive models for what might work moving forward. 

Are you using AI to help with digital content? It only works if you combine artificial intelligence with human intelligence. Every action we take at CloudControlMedia leverages the most cutting-edge digital marketing technologies, but we never set what we do to autopilot. Our talented human team is always in the driver’s seat. Find out how we can help you create content that produces results. 

Linda Emma has spoken on AI for higher education at institutions and organizations such as the EduData Summit, UPCEA, AMA Higher Education, San Francisco, and Endicott College.