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Although AI is in the news every day now, artificial intelligence isn’t at all new. Alan Turing put computing and AI theory to practice in the 1940s when cracking the code of the German Enigma machines during WWII. Even in its more modern form, AI has been around for decades. Google has been developing AI for more 20 years and continues to employ it across products and platforms.

If you run ads on Google, you already use AI. But are you leveraging it to its full capabilities? Instead of relying solely on the AI-based algorithms of the search engine, embrace all the powers of AI to increase pay-per-click leads and improve down-funnel results.

Use AI to Build Your PPC Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are critical to effective marketing. How can you speak to prospective customers if you don’t truly know who they are? With AI, you can ingest thousands of relevant data points to create the most updated reality of your audience. Once you have pulled demographic, psychographic, anecdotal, and sales data, you can use a persona generator or even a free natural language processing tool like ChatGPT to actually build your customer profiles.

Conduct PPC Keyword Research with AI

AI algorithms can automate much of your keyword research, analyzing search queries, user behavior, and content trends to identify patterns and extract valuable search intent insights. AI-powered tools can crawl websites, discover keywords, and provide recommendations, eliminating manual tasks and accelerating the research process.

From that knowledge base, AI can then generate keywords that align with your users’ needs and your business goals. And because you can pull data in real time, from search and industry trends, you can populate your campaigns with the most up-to-date terminology for your offerings—what your customers actually call what you do—and push your competitors’ ads down in search.

Improve Ad Copy for PPC Campaigns

AI-powered platforms can test and optimize your ad copy and design based on performance data. By continuously analyzing and testing different ad variations, AI algorithms can be taught to dynamically adjust headlines, images, and calls to action to maximize engagement, conversion, and end results.

Discover What Your PPC Competitors Do

AI-powered tools can help you find competitors and analyze their websites, content, and keyword rankings. Check out what they’re doing and affirm you’re on the right track or unearth gaps that might be costing you leads. By examining the keywords your competitors target, you might find new insights on potentially valuable keywords. Or you can use AI for sentiment analysis to determine what searchers think of those competitors—and you.

Find Out What PPC Campaigns Yield Down-Funnel Results

AI algorithms can assess the performance and effectiveness of campaigns and keywords by analyzing metrics such as search volume, competition, click-through rates (CTRs), conversion rates, and sales. With machine learning feedback loops, they can also help you improve your campaigns as they learn what works well and what does not. With down-funnel information at hand, you can hone the way you target your audience and personalize messaging. And by customizing your messaging based on individual user sets and where they may be in their decision-making process, AI can help to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Predict Future PPC Results

Because AI algorithms can explore large amounts of historical data, it can identify patterns, trends, and correlations to uncover valuable insights that can be used for prediction. Machine learning models can be trained to make predictions and then adapt and improve over time as they receive more data and feedback. Using regression analysis, AI can analyze the relationship between various input variables and campaign performance metrics, determine which variables are likely to influence campaign success and select them as predictors. These predictors may include factors like audience demographics, ad spend, click-through rates (CTRs), conversion rates, average position, and keyword relevance. Use AI to predict how well your PPC campaigns will perform and plan accordingly.

Are you using AI in your PPC campaigns? Even if you didn’t realize it, you are. Google does it, but as its algorithms do more and more work for you, it’s more important than ever to have a competitive edge. What’s yours? The CloudControlMedia Platform is an AI-Driven tool that takes the guesswork out of multi-media source campaigns to produce, predict, and optimize results. Request your free demo today.